3 of the UK’s Most Exhilarating Drives March 12, 2020

Taking a road trip is one of the best remedies for the stresses of day to day life, but the beauty of driving for driving’s sake is often lost in the face of daily commutes and trips down the road to run the usual errands.

Whether you’re looking to rediscover your love of driving, celebrate a new car finance purchase, or take a break from the usual routes, there are plenty of breathtaking road trips to be made around the UK. Read more about our favourites below.

Glen Coe

Take a 120 mile drive along the Glen Coe to Edinburgh.

The dramatic highlands have a way of veering between fantasy terrain, and prehistoric hinterlands barely touched by humans, and the drive through Glen Cloe will take you into the heart of some of the very best landscape Scotland has to offer.

Carve your way through the wide, open wilderness, turn off the SatNav for a while, and let Stirling Castle, the Kelpies, and imposing mountains be your milestones as you make the winding journey all the way into the historic beauty of Edinburgh.

The Fens

Set your course from Ely to Wisbech.

Driving through The Fens is an experience unlike anything we are used to in the UK; take a rugged, wild landscape and carve long, straight roads straight down the middle. Perhaps a little isolated, but sporadically populated by historic villages if you need to stretch your legs.

The roads are often razor-straight, and they combine with the sparse landscape to give you a panoramic, far-reaching view. The driving itself is kept interesting by sudden right angles that take you winding through a surreal, brutalist landscape reminiscent of a Turner landscape.

Drive from Eksdale to Duddon Valley.

It would be impossible to make a true rundown of the greatest drives in the UK without venturing over to the Lake District, and the Hardknott Pass is a must for anyone travelling through the area.

Any fans of heights will put their nerve to the test on this climb through the sheer cumbrian hills. Like a vine creeping erratically up the side of a wall, the road — which at times features a 33% gradient, making it one of the steepest climbs in the UK — will demand the very best from your skill as a driver, and your car.

The view at the top is spectacular, and the drive back down is no less breathtaking than the climb.

Get the Very Most out of Your Experiences with Car Finance

Touring the very best routes the UK has to offer necessitates a car that is nothing short of a dream to drive and, of course, reliable.

If you are hoping to put a little love back into your driving, then car finance is an excellent way of getting you behind the wheel of a high quality vehicle. Instead of depleting your savings on a cash purchase, spread the cost of a better car over a series of affordable monthly payments.

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