5 Reasons for Choosing an Environmentally Friendly Car February 20, 2020

These days, as electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming an increasingly common sight on the roads, it’s difficult not to feel tempted by making the switch to an environmentally friendly — and technologically advanced — new set of wheels.

To help you make up your mind, we’ve put together a few of the top reasons in favour of electric vehicles and hybrids. Read more about the virtues, and why getting behind the wheel of a sustainable car is easier than you might think with no deposit car finance.

1. Save Time and Moneyt

It may surprise you to know that the average driver will spend around £56,000 on petrol in their lifetime, and a great deal of time standing in cold, windy forecourts waiting for the car to fill back up again.

Driving an electric vehicle circumvents any need to shell out their hard-earned cash on fuel. Instead, drivers of EVs can plug their vehicle in to charge at any available port, whether this is at home, in the office car park, or at one of over 15,000 public charging points in the UK.

Similarly, a Hybrid will allow you to get a lot more out of your gallons — and go a lot further before you are forced to stop for a refill.

2. Lower Your Carbon Footprint, and Stay Healthy

NOx and CO2 are bad for the environment, and our bodies, and combustion engine cars release insurmountable quantities of both each and every day.

By choosing an environmentally friendly car, you can take pride in knowing that you have made a significant impact on improving your carbon footprint, and learn to feel good about driving again.

3. Conserve Natural Resources

Why rely on dwindling natural resources like petrol and diesel when you can run your vehicle off electricity from the grid — or, for an even cleaner option, electricity from a renewable source such as wind or solar — just as you run your home.

4. Less Maintenance is Required for EVs

Unlike vehicles with an internal combustion engine, electric vehicles rely on very few moving parts, which makes it much less likely that you will need to lose time and money on minor (and major) repair work.

Of course, in the interests of safety and prolonging the lifespan of your car, an EV will still need to have scheduled maintenance for its battery, electrical motor, and other electronic systems, but many of the burdens of running an ICE will be lifted.

5. More Options than Ever Before with No Deposit Car Finance

Following a recent surge in popularity, many car manufacturers have released their own hybrid and electric vehicles, from small cars suited to city driving, to family-friendly saloons, meaning that whatever your requirements, you will find a make and model that suits you.

What’s more, there are plenty of secondhand EVs and hybrids making their way onto the dealership forecourts, making them much more accessible — especially with the right no deposit car finance deal.

If you are interested in driving a high quality, low- or zero-emissions vehicle, then why not circumvent the long, saving-up period (and large cash payment) in favour of a no deposit car finance deal, which could see you on the roads — and driving into the future — within a day or two of submitting your application.

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