The Evolution of the Car Buyer December 19, 2019

As we near the end of 2019 and prepare for the start of a new decade, now feels like the right time to look back on the way our approach to car buying has advanced. The digital age has changed many aspects of our lives, and purchasing a new vehicle is one of them.

Read more about the changes the automotive industry has undergone in order to keep up with the changing interests and attitudes of its customers.

Going Online

It is difficult to think of an area of our lives that has not gone digital in the past ten years, and the car market is no exception. These days, the Automotive Industry must be equipped to keep up with the increasingly digital age of shopping. Despite the fact that choosing and test-driving a car is one of the most subjective decisions we make, CitNOW has reported that over one third of car buyers (32%) say they would be willing to purchase a car online.

In ten years, they say, the number of car buyers using the internet to research their next new vehicle has risen by 34%.

Car shopping from home certainly has its perks. Rather than eating-up time driving between dealerships, comparing makes, models and prices, customers are able to get everything done from the comfort of their homes.

Similarly, the rise of cheap car finance deals means that there are more opportunities than ever to find an excellent deal online. Customers who wish to buy a car on finance can allow their car finance company to do the shopping-around for them, and avoid spending a few hours on the dealership forecourt.

Active Technology

In a study of 1,000 UK car buyers, around 40% felt that advanced safety features and connected technology are more significant than they have been in the past. While mitigation and protection remain important features of any car, preventing and avoiding accidents via active safety technology is a crucial factor for many customers.

New Drivers

As can be expected, car buyer preferences vary greatly depending on the demographic, and one of the most significant factors behind young drivers’ car choices is the ability to secure affordable insurance rates. While older generations value fuel type and the overall driving experience, affordability remains crucial to new and inexperienced drivers.

Cheap Car Finance Deals

Car finance is currently involved in approximately 80% of new car purchases. The availability of accessible and cheap car finance deals online means that customers of a variety of financial backgrounds are able to acquire reliable cars which may have otherwise been beyond their budget.

The flexibility and convenience of applying for car finance, along with fixed and affordable monthly payments, mean that customers can customise their car finance to suit their lifestyle, needs, and financial plan.

As a company offering bad credit car finance, Car Finance Giant know just how many people can benefit from the opportunity to buy a car on finance. Everyone should have access to a safe and reliable car, and the automotive industry should always be ready to evolve alongside the car buyer.

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