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Best available rate 2.9

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As an example of our car finance deals, borrowing £4,500 over 5 years with an annual interest rate of 7% (Fixed), APR 13.25% and a deposit of £0.00, the amount payable in monthly repayments would be £101.25 per month, with a total cost of credit of £1,575.00 and a total amount payable of £6,075.00.
We are a credit broker and a lender. Above example, represent our services as a credit broker and not as a lender.


New Driver Car Finance

In 2019, over 760,000 new UK drivers, young and old, passed their practical driving test. With so many new drivers on the roads each year, we here at Car Finance Giant wish to congratulate all of you on your success, and feel proud to be able to offer some of the best car deals for new drivers to help you make a smooth transition into independent driving.

Car finance is an excellent option for new drivers of all ages looking to drive a good quality, reliable car — without needing to waste time saving up for a large cash payment.

If you are a new driver, then read more about some of the benefits of car finance for a new driver, the deals on offer, and how to apply even if your credit history is insufficient or poor.

Is Car Finance Available if I am a New Driver?

Absolutely. We believe that car finance should be available to any driver who wants to find an affordable and secure way of obtaining a safe, reliable car. Whether you’re on the search for a safe starter car, something for commuting to work or university, or a vehicle to carry the whole family around, car finance makes buying a new car something that can be managed within your monthly budget.

Here at Car Finance Giant, we are committed to finding excellent new driver car deals. Whether you have passed your driving test at the age of seventeen or seventy, we have a database of trusted lenders who are ready to offer you an excellent cheap car finance deal on your first car.

If you’re interested in securing a flexible loan for your first car, read more about the options available to you below.

No Deposit Car Finance for New Drivers

Some new drivers are deterred from applying for car finance, as they are under the impression that securing a loan will require a large cash deposit. At Car Finance Giant, we have compiled a rigorous database of trusted lenders, who offer the best no deposit car deals for new drivers.

No deposit car finance is a fantastic solution for any new driver wanting to get behind the wheel of a quality car without needing to save up cash for a deposit. It’s faster, simpler, and allows you to retain your savings for the future.

The great news is that, with no deposit car finance, your monthly payments can even end up being cheaper than they would with some other car finance options, making it the perfect option for anyone looking for a way of balancing a new car with the rest of life’s commitments.

I am a Young Driver — What if I Have Bad Credit/No Credit History?

If you are a young driver or student, then you may have found it more difficult to secure car finance in the past. This is likely due to your credit history being too scarce for brokers and lenders to get an accurate impression of your ability to repay loans — or, on the other hand, you have been rejected because you have no credit history at all. This can deter many lenders, who want to feel assured that you will not make late payments or default on your loan, and look to your credit score as proof of your reliability.

There are a few things you can do to establish a good credit history, and — ironically — one of those things is to take out car finance for new drivers. Since your credit history is determined by your experience with loan repayment, making your car finance payments promptly and consistently will demonstrate that you are a safe choice for lenders, and will have a positive impact on your credit score.

So, how do you get car finance without a detailed credit history? As a car finance company who specialises in securing cheap car finance loans for drivers in challenging or complex financial circumstances, we here at Car Finance Giant are always available to provide help and support to anyone looking for new driver car deals. Even if you have insufficient or bad credit, we are confident that we will be able to help you find a good quality car at an affordable rate.

What Cars are Available Through Car Finance for New Drivers?

As a new driver, you will want to choose a car that will allow you to develop your confidence and understanding on the roads. There is no ‘one size fits all’, and it is important that you find the car that allows you to grow as a driver. So long as you are confident that you can afford the monthly payments, the credit is yours to spend on whatever car you want.

As soon as your loan has been agreed with the lender, you will be free to choose any car from any reputable UK dealer. We also have a large members’ database of cars available from trusted UK dealers, and feel confident that you will find the best car deals for new drivers with Car Finance Giant.

Car Finance for New Drivers: How to Apply

Applying for car finance for new drivers could not be easier. All you need to do is fill in our online application, and we will get in touch with you on the same day to discuss your financing options. At Car Finance Giant, we pride ourselves on our fast and efficient service, and believe that there are always new driver car deals to suit everyone’s needs.

Whether you are already sure about the car you wish to finance, or want to learn more about the deals available to you before you make a decision, our team are always ready to provide help and support throughout your application, and as you make your scheduled payments on your loan. Becoming a new driver is an exciting time, and securing a vehicle should be as fast, uncomplicated, and affordable as possible.

How it Works

No deposit car finance is one of the easiest ways to get a car you love more affordably, and all it takes is three easy steps…

Once Approved No impact on your credit score

You'll have own personal advisor on hand from start to finish. They'll give you the amount you can borrow and discuss the documents we need from you.

Choose a car Buy from any reputable dealer

If you need help finding the right car, you can browse over 250,000 cars on our car search, all sold by trusted dealers. But remember, you're to choose your car from car from any reputable dealer if you wish.

We do all the checks On Dealer & Vehicle

Once you've found the car,We'll carry out checks on the dealer and vehicle to make sure you can buy with confidence.

Sign & collect Drive away happy!

If you're happy with vehicle and have signed the agreement, we'll pay the dealer directly. All you then need to do is pick up the car.

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