No Deposit Car Finance: What Are Your Rights As A Consumer? October 10, 2019

If you are looking to buy a new car with no deposit, you are probably already aware of the many benefits of a no deposit car finance scheme; for one, it bypasses the need to save a large cash sum for a deposit, which means you will get behind the wheel much sooner. What’s more, it can mean lower monthly payments compared to hire purchase, and you will eventually hold legal ownership over the car. While the advantages are clear, you may be wondering about your rights as a consumer.

What if you experience unexpected complications with the car? If you are committed to a long-term finance scheme, what protection is in place for you if the car you have purchased does not live up to your expectations? If the dealer falsely advertised the quality of the car, are you within your rights to send it back?

Protection for No Deposit Car Finance

When you secure a no deposit car deal through us, you will be free to choose your car from any reputable UK dealer, which means that your car should have been checked thoroughly before purchase. If, however, you discover that your new car does not meet the standard you had been led to believe by the dealer, or it is not fit for the purpose advertised by the seller, then you are fully protected by the Consumer Rights Act 2015, which states that your car must be:

  • of satisfactory quality, not faulty or damaged
  • fit for purpose, or a purpose advertised by the car seller
  • as described by the seller

If you find that, on purchase, your car does not meet these specifications, you are fully entitled to make a claim against the car under Section 75. These laws are in place for all consumers who make purchases between the value of £100-£30,000, and whether cars are bought upfront, or through no deposit car finance deals, your rights as a consumer remain the same under the Consumer Rights Act.

Making a Claim

Since we specialise in helping those with complicated financial situations find the perfect deal, we understand the stress involved with using buying a car on finance that does not live up to your needs. If you have entered into a zero deposit car finance scheme, and you find that your car does not meet all of the legal descriptions detailed by the Consumer Rights Act, then you are entitled to file a claim within thirty days of purchase.

If this claim is successful, and it is clear that the car was faulty on purchase, your payments will be refunded and we will continue the dispute with the car dealer on your behalf.

These rights have been put in place to protect you as a consumer. No deposit car deals provide a fast and flexible scheme for car purchase, without the need for a costly, initial payment, and do not affect your rights to a satisfactory and reliable car.

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