Privacy Statement

With regard to this Privacy Statement for Car Finance Giant, ‘we’ or ‘us’ means Finance Giant t/a Car Finance Giant. Registered in England and Wales, our company number is 09749034 and we are fully regulated in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under ref. number 726597

With regard to your privacy, we treat this with utmost importance. We are totally committed to keeping your information safe and secure, managing it in line with our legal responsibilities and in accordance with all necessary laws of data protection. Our company is registered as a data controller under the reg. number ZA269953 with the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

The content of this Privacy Statement, as well as our Cookie Policy and Mobile/Website Terms & Conditions along with our Product Terms & Conditions and all information provided as part of the applications process set out the processes under which we will deal with your personal information when:

  • We collect it from you when you show interest in our products/services
  • We obtain it when supplying the products/services
  • It is provided to us via our website or mobile app, via phone or through social media

You need to pay careful attention to the content of this Privacy Statement as it holds important information that will enable you to fully understand our processes with regard to how we deal with your personal information.

When you access, use or browse our website or mobile app, you are confirming that you have read and agreed with the contents of this Privacy Statement. If you do not agree with it then you should not use our website or mobile app. If you wish to apply for one of our products/services online or by phone and do not agree with this Privacy Statement then you are advised not to proceed with your application.

  1. What sort of information do we collect?

    We may collect any type of personal information (this means any information concerning a person whose identity is known or can be gleaned from this information) from you with regard to any of our products or services, including the following details about you:

    • Full name
    • Address
    • Telephone number
    • Date of birth
    • Email address
    • Any employment details
    • Your income
    • Expenditure and outgoings
    • Passport details
    • Driving licence details
    • Bank information
    • Credit file history
    • Insurance
    • Dependants
    • IP address
    • Credit card and transaction details
    • Other sensitive information – this may be in connection with your health or an illness or disability that you have told us about (refer to our section on Sensitive Personal Data).

      Where any of this information is shown as being mandatory when you make an application, you will need to provide us with this if your application is to go ahead. If you complete the mandatory sections but don’t complete the full application, we may use the partial information given to contact you to help with the process of application.

  2. Collecting your information (how we do it)

    At times we may collect information with regard to the following:

    • If you decide to apply for or purchase a product/service from us
    • When you provide information to us via our website, mobile app, via social media, in writing or over the phone (also via call recordings)
    • If you register for a job vacancy with us or show interest in a product/service
    • If you wish to ask us for assistance or further informationIf you wish to ask us for assistance or further information
    • If you decide to make a complaint
    • When we receive information from 3rd parties such as credit reference agencies, fraud prevention authorities, and tax offices, marketing information databases which are shared, motor dealers, introducers or brokers
    • If you use any features on our website or mobile app which asks for information in order for the feature to be used

  3. The lawful basis for processing

    There are in total 4 lawful bases for processing data which have been defined as follows:

    1. CONSENT – consent to us processing your personal data for specific purposes as outlined in this Privacy Statement which may include:
      • Marketing activities
      • The introduction/administration of a consumer credit agreement
      • The introduction/administration of related insurance policies
      • Enabling you to search our database prior to dealer introduction

    2. CONTRACT – processing has to be carried out with regard to the performance of a contract which an applicant is party to, or to allow steps to be taken as requested by the applicant prior to the contract taking effect. This contract could relate to credit broking and/or insurance broking. These activities require the business to collect/process personal information in order to carry out its obligatory introduction process, particularly with regard to the data relating to the application process.

    3. LEGAL OBLIGATIONS – processing is required so that we may adhere to all legal/regulatory obligations which may include (but are not limited to) the following:
      • HM Government for financial crime prevention and/or money laundering
      • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to ensure robust controls/systems
      • Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to show that the necessary technical arrangements are in place to allow control and processing of data.

    4. LEGITIMATE INTERESTS – processing is required so that credit profiling can be carried out by Car Finance Giant so that product offers can be developed and improved. Data held for this purpose will be retained purely in order to improve service/product offerings and will never be used for any other purpose, including communicating with you as an individual.

    5. All of these 4 legal bases for processing will apply and Car Finance Giant will not use your personal data for any other purpose, other than shown with this Privacy Statement.

    6. Whilst processing your personal information, Car Finance Giant may pick up special category data. If this is the case we will always ask for explicit consent from you when recording this data and will only use it for the specific purpose of providing the contract.

    7. Car Finance Giant and any associated companies rely on the lawful bases of consent, contract and legal obligations if we need to process data with regard to an employment application.

  4. How we use your information

    We will use your information in connection with the following:

    Service provision & internal processing –

    1. To provide the product/service that you have applied for
    2. So that we can consider/process your application, or allow a 3rd party lender from our panel to provide you with a suitable product or service, bespoke to suit your needs
    3. To evaluate any risk with regard to the provision of car finance should we deal with your application and agree to provide car finance products from our own company, Car Finance Giant, particularly with regard to credit type services (taking account of any lending risks). You can find further details in our section entitled Credit Checking and Automated Decision Making
    4. To improve, update and confirm customer records
    5. To enable us to provide you with a quote and deal with your application so that a 3rd party can provide you with insurance tailored to suit you
    6. To validate any claims and make sure that your account is not being used without you knowledge, plus reporting on the performance of any account
    7. To deal with and troubleshoot any problems pertaining to our website or mobile app or to improve and customise you experience on the website or mobile app
    8. To calculate what options are most suitable if financial difficulties exist
    9. To recover money that you owe us
    10. To provide you with information with regard to products/services requested by you

    Relationship management –

    • To understand, manage and analyse your relationship with our company
    • To keep you informed of any changes or improvements to the website or mobile app
    • To advise you of any new products/services and select those which may be of interest to you and if you have chosen to be made aware of these, to assist you with future applications

    Queries/Problems –

    • To deal with any complaints/queries that you may bring to our attention
    • To let you know if you have not completed an application

    Statistics, training and service review -

    • For training use and to improve/review the services that we provide to you
    • To carry out research and statistical analysis, using anonymous data where possible

    Legal Obligations –

    • To do all possible to prevent, prosecute and investigate fraud/crime and any type of money laundering
    • To carry out audits
    • If we need to disclose information due to a court order or a law/regulatory request
    • If we or a fraud prevention agency feel that you pose a risk with regard to fraud or money laundering we may refuse to provide you with services or products requested or to employ, possibly removing existing services
    • Fraud or money laundering risks are recorded by fraud prevention agencies hence others may also refuse services, finance or employment. Please ask for further details if required

    General -

    • Your personal data, provide by you, or collected by us or received from 3rd parties, will be used to prevent fraud/money laundering and to check your identity
    • We and all fraud prevention agencies may allow law enforcement agencies to use and access your personal data in connection with the detection, prevention and investigation of crime
    • To process your personal data due to the fact that we have an interest in preventing fraud/money laundering and to verify your identity to protect our business and comply with laws. This processing is part of a contractual requirement of the services/financing you have applied for
    • Fraud prevention agencies may hold your data for varied periods and if they consider you a risk or pose a threat with regard to fraud/money laundering, they may hold your data for 6 years.


    • If you provide us with a CV for a job vacancy or complete an application or apply via a registration form or via LinkedIn.
    • To transfer information to an entity which may acquire rights in our company
    • For any other purpose that you have agreed to

  5. The ways in which we may share your information

    Detailed below are the 3rd parties with whom we may need to share your personal information in order provide you with services/products:

    Finance for cars, bikes and vans –

    Our partners, taking account of motor dealers, lenders, brokers and introducers, will depend upon your credit profile and all criteria determined by lenders.

    Our current panel of lenders includes the following:

    • First Stop Anchor
    • Advantage Finance
    • Blue Motor Finance
    • Finance Giant Ltd
    • Moneybarn Ltd
    • RateSetter
    • Oodle Financial Services
    • Premium Plan
    • Glenside

    or even the Insurance Fraud Bureau and all other bodies permitted to by law, including but not limited to the following:

    • Electronic licensing
    • Continuous insurance enforcement
    • Law enforcement (detection, prevention, apprehension and/or prosecution of all offenders)
    • The provision of government services and/or services that prevent the incidence of driving whilst uninsured

    When you are involved in a road accident – in the UK, EEA or other territories – insurers and the MIB may search the MIB to obtain information. If you make a claim with regard to a road traffic accident (taking into account citizens of other countries), your or your representative may obtain details from the MID.

    If incorrect/false information is provided this may result in your quote being invalid or your insurance policy being cancelled at some time later.

    Others -

    1. Affiliates or subsidiaries of our company in order to manage relationships with customers administer business processes and provide you with details of products/services in which you may be interested.
    2. All service providers who need information so that they can provide you/us with a product/service. This includes 3rd party service providers who process information for us and help to run our internal processes such as distribution of email, dealing with electronic signature, storing customer documents, HR and careers, IT, customer services and data analytics (using anonymous data).
    3. 3rd party credit providers because you have been unsuccessful when applying for personal lending services/products in which case the 3rd party provider become the data controller.
    4. Fraud and credit agencies such as Call Credit, Equifax and Cifas to enable decisions to be made (refer section 6 with regard to Credit Checking/Decision Making).
    5. Law enforcement authorities that need to comply with court orders or legal obligations.
    6. 3rd parties who need to validate and assess propriety/fitness with regard to applications for employment.
    7. Any entity which acquires rights in our company for reorganisation or sale of business.
    8. Business advisors used to enable us to better support, manage and develop our business, complying with legal and regulatory obligations.
    9. Reputable suppliers of credit/insurance related services that you may be interested in and which you have agreed to receive via our marketing.
    10. Service providers, debt recovery agencies, investigators or tracing agents/solicitors for the purpose of collecting monies/assets due or showing as outstanding on your account.

    If we sell performing/non-performing accounts, we will advise you of this.

  6. Credit checking/automated decision making

    When you apply for any of our services/products we will carry out both identity and credit checks with one or several credit reference agencies (CRA). We will give them your personal information and they will in turn provide us with details about you. This will include all information from your application for credit as well as your financial history and situation i.e. CCJs or bankruptcies. CRAs will provide us with public and shared credit details including your financial situation and history, fraud prevention information and electoral registration listings.

    This information will be used by us to:

    • Decide whether you are credit worthy and if you can afford the product
    • Check the accuracy of the information you have given us
    • Stop fraud, money laundering and criminal activity
    • Look after and manage your account
    • Recover/trace debts
    • Make sure that offers given to you suit your circumstances

    During your relationship with us we will continue to exchange information with CRAs, informing them if you settle accounts or if you do not pay on time. They will record this on your credit file and may supply details to other organisations. When we carry out a search of your credit file through the CRAs, a ‘footprint’ will appear on your credit file, able to be seen by other lenders.

    If your application is joint, we will link your records together so always discuss and share this information with your partner before making the application. CRAs will also link your files and they will remain linked unless one of you asks for a disassociation via the CRAs.

    Full details of the CRAs, how they act as a fraud prevention agency, use and share personal data, retention periods of data and data protections rights are shown fully in the Credit Reference Agency Information Notice (CRAIN) which can be obtained from Callcredit, Equifax or Experian:

    If fraud prevention agencies send your personal data to a location outside of the EEA (European Economic Area), contractual obligations will be imposed on the recipients in order to protect this data in ways defined by the EEA. The receiver may also need to subscribe to ‘international frameworks’ which are used to ensure secure sharing of data.

    Your credit score will be calculated automatically and then subjected to a manual assessment. If we rejected your application due to your credit score, you could ask for this to be looked at manually and reconsidered.

  7. Retaining your personal information and data

    Personal information given to us by you will be retained in line with all laws that apply. In accordance with these laws, data will only be retained in accordance with our policy and only used as detailed; marketing activity can only be carried out if you consent after the conclusion of your relationship with our company or any of its subsidiaries. Where this information is held under our legitimate interest’s basis, identifying fields will be replaced with artificial identifiers and held securely, not being used to contact you for marketing purposes. Our retention policy is in line with all individual rights and freedom hence any request made in line with those rights will be dealt with according to all obligations or lawful bases.

  8. Sensitive personal data

    Sensitive personal data can be referred to as information pertaining to a person’s health, criminal convictions etc. or any personal details that would be closely protected. Normally we do not process this type of information unless you voluntarily provide it. If you have provided us with sensitive personal data, you agree that you have done so voluntarily and agree that we can use it to provide you with products/services or determine your fitness to avail yourself of them. Usually we will minimise the collection of

  9. Marketing

    If you say that you are happy for us to send you information, we may send you communications regarding products that we think you will find interesting. This may include similar products from our partners, where you have given your agreement. We will communicate with you via letter, phone or text, depending upon which option you have shown as being preferred. If you do not wish to receive communications from us in the future (apart from details of products/services specifically requested by you) you can unsubscribe by contacting us or clicking on links shown in any email.

  10. Referring a friend

    If you provide us with details of a friend to whom we should send an email, you are confirming:

    1. That you have their consent to pass on details to us and for them to receive emails from us.
    2. That we can disclose your details as being the person that referred them.

    We will not use your friend’s details for marketing purposes of any type.

  11. 3rd party websites

    This Privacy Statement does not apply to any services offered by other companies/individuals that may show when you search for cars. Neither does it cover the information practices of other companies/organisations that may advertise our services or use cookies and other technologies to provide ads.

  12. Email

    Emails sent to you via the internet may be lost, altered or intercepted so we are unable to guarantee their security. We do our best to protect your personal information but cannot guarantee the security of data sent by email. We accept no liability for any damages or costs resulting due to emails sent to you by us. If you wish to contact us, please refer to our Contact Us section.

  13. Children's privacy

    Our website is not intended to be used by anyone under the age of 18 without involvement/agreement by their parent/guardian. We do not knowingly collect personal information from anyone below the age of 18.

  14. How we keep your information secure

    We make use of suitable resources to protect your personal information from any unauthorised access, misuse, loss, disclosure or modification as follows:

    • We review our collection of information, processing and storage including physical measures taken to guard against unauthorised access to our system.
    • Access to personal information is restricted to our employees, agents and contractors who need to access information in order to process it; they are all subject to contractual confidentiality obligations and may be disciplined or have their contract terminated if they do not comply with these obligations.
    • Whilst processing your data we may need to carry out some processes outside of the EEA where different privacy laws apply. In this regard, you agree to the transfer of personal information to these countries. We only do this when we are sure that suitable levels of protection are in place in that country to protect information and that the service provider complies with all privacy laws applicable.

  15. Updates to our Privacy Statement

    This Privacy Statement applies to all services offered by Finance Giant t/a Car Finance Giant and any other trading names. We review our Privacy Statement from time to time. We will never reduce rights pertaining to you under this Privacy Statement unless you give consent. Any changes will be posted on this page if they are significant, we will produce a notice – possibly with an email notification of Privacy Statement changes. If you do not wish to accept the changes to our Privacy Statement then you should not use our website as this may affect our ability to provide you with some of our products/services. Refer to section ‘Your Rights/Freedom’ for further details.

  16. Cookies

    We make use of cookies on our website. You can find out more by reading our separate Cookie Policy.

  17. Your rights/freedom

    Under Data Protection law you have certain rights:

    • A right to be informed – we provide all of our customers with this Privacy Statement in order to provide transparent information with regard to the processing, control and collection of all personal data.
    • Right of access – you can request copies of your personal data via an access request which will be dealt with within the 30 day legislative standard time, usually free of charge. Extensions to this arrangement will be advised depending upon the nature of the request but will be by exception and according to scrutiny by senior management.
    • Right to rectification – if we hold data for you that is inaccurate, please let us know the correct details and we will amend our records within 72 hrs and confirm this to you (as long as you have satisfactorily verified your identify to us).
    • Right to restriction of processing – all data processing will be restricted if claims or accuracy are contested by you or you challenge our legal basis or legitimate grounds for processing for a set purpose and to defend, exercise or establish a legal claim, at your request.
    • Right to object – you can object to us processing your data on the basis that this is contrary to your rights and freedoms. If you do so, any objection to direct marketing will be dealt with within 48 hrs. Any other objections will be dealt with as a complaint and assessed accordingly against our documented legal basis.
    • Right to erasure – often referred to as the ‘right to be forgotten’, we will attend to your request usually within 72 hrs. Where legal basis is solely/partially established as consent, data required for legal/regulatory/ legitimate interests may be maintained according to any documented retention schedules. We will confirm and discuss your request, ensuring that your rights and freedom are attended to.
    • Right to data portability – you have the right to receive personal data that you have provided to us in either a commonly used, structured or machine readable format and the right to transmit that data to some other controller in a timely way, usually within 72hrs unless evidenced to be unduly unreasonable/ excessive.

    You also have rights with regard to automated decisions and this is shown elsewhere in this Privacy Statement.

    Finance Giant t/a Car Finance Giant have put in place a robust policy and adequate procedural requirements to allow your rights as a data subject to be adhered to. If this is not possible for any reasons outlined we will confirm this to you in detail.

    With regard to your rights, you can contact us at the address below (we will need to verify your identity).

  18. Complaints process

    Should you have any complaint as to how we have dealt with your personal information, you can get in touch with us using the details below and we will look into your complaint. You may also lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (such as the ICO) if you have tried to resolve the issue with us.

  19. Contact us

ve any questions at all with regard to this Privacy Statement or you think we may have incorrect data held about you or you would like a copy of information held about you, you can request details of this personal information that we hold about you. Please contact us via any of the methods shown below:


30 St Mary Axe,

London EC3A 8EP

Queries: o


Telephone queries: 02030 514 445


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